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Keysight / Agilent
3-State 3.3 Volt Pattern Generator Data Pod
10498A 8-Channel 6" Probe Lead Set
105B Quartz Oscillator
10833A/B/C/D GP-IB cable
11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver
11729C/003 Carrier Noise test set
1184A Testmobile for Logic Analysis Systems
16034A/B/E Test Fixture for LCR Meter
16047A/48A Test Fixture for LCR Meter
1630G/31D/51A Logic Analyzer
16500A Logic Analyzer Mainframe
16510A/16550A State/Timing Module
16515A 1GHz Timing Card
16520A Pattern Generator Module
16522A 200M Vector/Sec Pattern Generator
16530A/31A 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope Card
16534A 500MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope
16700B Logic Analysis System Frame
16702B Logic Analyzer Mainframe w/display
1670G Logic Analyzer 136 Channels
16712A 102Ch 100MHz / 500MHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
16715A 68Ch 167MHz / 667MHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
16717A 68Ch 333MHz / 2GHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
16719A 68Ch 333MHz / 2GHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
16720A 300M Vector/Sec Pattern Generator Module
1672G Logic Analyzer,68Ch,150(S)/250MHz(T)
16740A 68Ch 1M 200MHz Logic Analysis Module
16741A 16741A Timing and State Module
16750A 68 Channel 400 MHz State, 800 MHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
16750B State Timing Analysis Module
16751A 68Ch 400MHz / 2GHz Timing Logic Analyser Module
16751B 68Ch 400MHz / 2GHz Timing Logic Analyser Module
16752A 68Ch 400MHz / 2GHz Timing Logic Analyser Module
16752B 68Ch 400MHz / 2GHz Timing Logic Analyser Module
16754A 68Ch 600MHz / 4GHz Timing Logic Analyser Module
16760A 34Ch 800MHz Timing Logic Analyser Module
16802A 68CH Portable Logic Analyzer
16803A 102CH Portable Logic Analyzer
16804A 136CH Portable Logic Analyzer
16806A 204CH Portable Logic Analyzer
1680A 136Ch 200MHz / 800 MHz Timing Logic Analyzer
1680AD 136Ch 200MHz / 800MHz Timing Logic Analyzer
16821A 34CH Logic Analyzer W/ Pattern Generator Channels
16822A 68CH Logic Analyzer w/ Pattern Generator Channels
16823A 102CH Logic Analyzer w/ Pattern Generator Channels
16903A Logic Analysis System
16910A 102Ch 250MHz / 4GHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
16951B 68Ch 4GHz / 667MHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
16962A 68Ch 2GHz / 2 / 4 / 8GHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
3245A Universal Source
33120A 15MHz Function/Arb. Waveform Generator
33210A 10MHz Function/Arb Waveform Generator
33220A 20MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
33250A 80MHz Function/Arb. Waveform Generator
3325B Synthesizer / Function Generator
34401A 6.5digits,Digital Multimeter
34410A 6.5 Digital multimeter
34411A 6.5 Digital multimeter
34420A Nanovolt Meter
3456A/3457A 6.5digits,Digital Multimeter
3458A 8.5digits,Digital Multimeter
3488A Switch/Control Unit
34970A Data Acquisition Control Mainframe and Modules
34972A LXI Data Acquisition Switch Unit
35670A DC-102.4 kHz FFT Dynamic Signal Analyzer
35677A S-Parameter Test Set
3577A/002 200MHz Network Analyzer
3585B 40MHz Spectrum Analyzer
3588A 150MHz Spectrum Analyzer
3764A Digital Transmission Analyzer
37717C Communication Performance Analyzer
4191A 1GHz Impedance Analyzer
4192A 13MHz Impedance Analyzer
4195A 500MHz Network/Spectrum Aalyzer
4261A/62A/63B 1KHz/10KHz/100KHz, LCR Meter
4275A 10KHz-10MHz,LCR Meter
4280A 1MHz, C Meter/C-V Plotter
42841A Bias Current Source
4284A Precision LCR Meter,up to 30MHz
4338A MilliOhmmeter
4339A/B High Resistance Meter
4352B VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer
436A/437B Power Meter
438A Power Meter,Dual Channel
4395A 10Hz ~ 500MHz Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer
4396B 1.8GHz Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer
44470A/71A 10 chn. General Purpose Relay Module
44472A Dual 4 ch.VHF Switch Module
44473A 4x4 Matrix Switch Module
44474A 16 Bit Digital liput/output Module
53131A 225MHz,Universal Counter
53131A/030 3GHz Universal Counter
53131A/050 5GHz Universal Counter
53132A Frequency Counter
53181A Frequency Counter DC 225MHz
53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
5334B 100MHz Universal Counter
5334B/030 1.3GHz Universal Counter
5335 200MHz Universal Counter
5352B/005/010 46GHz Frequency Counter
5372A Frequency Analyzers
54600B+54652B 100MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope + RS-232 and parallel interface
54603B 60MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope
54622D 100MHz 2 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
54645A+54652B 100MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope + RS-232 and parallel interface
54645D+54652B 100MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope + RS-232 and parallel interface
54853A 2.5GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
54854A 4GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
54855A 6GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
6012B 60V/50A DC Power Supply
6024A 60V/10A DC Power Supply
6030A 200V/17A DC Power Supply
6031A 20V/120A DC Power Supply
6032A Power Supplies
6033A 20V/30A DC Power Supply
6284A 20V/3A DC Power Supply
6286A 20V/10A DC Power Supply
6299A 100V/0.75A DC Power Supply
66101/102/103 DC Power Module ,128W,150W
6621A System DC Power Supply,single output
6622A System DC Power Supply,duale output
6623A System DC Power Supply,triple output
6624A System DC power Supply,quad output
6625A System DC Power Supply,20V/25A
6632A/B DC Power Supply ,25V/5A,100W
6652A DC Power Supply 20V/25A
6653A DC Power Supply 35V/15A
6674A DC Power Supply 60V/35A
6811B AC Power Source/Analyzer 375VA
6812B AC Power Source/Analyzer 750VA
6813A AC Power Source /Analyzer,1750VA
6814B AC Power Source/Analyzer 3000VA
6834B AC Power Source 4500VA
70001A+70841B+70312A 3GHz Mainframe
70001A+70845A+70312A 1GHz Mainframe
81110A+81111A 165 MHz single-/dual-channel Pulse Pattern Generator
81110A+81112A 330 MHz single-/dual-channel Pulse Pattern Generator
8111A Pulse /Function Generator,20MHz
8116A Pulse /Function Generator,50MHz
8130A 300MHz Pulse Generator
8133A/003 3GHz Pulse Generator
8153A Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe
8156A Optical Attenuator
81613A Return Loss Module 1310/1550nm
81632A/B Optical Power Sensor Module
81634B Optical Power Sensor Module
81636B Optical Power Sensor Module
8163A Lightwave Multimeter
8164A Lightwave Measurement System Mainf
83020A Power Amplifier
83051A+87421A 50GHz Amplifier
8340B 10MHz ~ 26.5GHz Signal Generator
83420A Chromatic Dispersion Test Set
83430A/017,130 Digital Lightwave Transmitter
83440C 20GHz Optical-to-Electrical Conver
83496A Electrical Clock Recovery (CR) Module
83592C 20GHz Sweep Oscillator Plug-in
83595A 26.5 GHz Sweep Generator Plug-in
83623B 10MHz ~ 20GHz Signal Generator
83630L 30GHz Synthesized Sweep Signal Generator
83640L 40GHz Synthesized Sweep Signal Generator
83752B 0.01 ~ 20GHz Synthesized Sweeper
8447D Preamplifier,100KH-1.3GHz
8481/82/84 Power Sensor
8485A Power Sensor
8498A High Power Attenuator,30dB,18GHz
85024A High Frequency Probe ,3GHz
85032B Calibration Kit,Type N,50Ohm
85033D/E 3.5mm Calibration Kit
85046A 3GHZ ,S-Parameter Test Set
8508A Vector Voltmeter
8510C 45MHz ~ 110GHz Network Analyzer
8560A 2.9GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8561E 6.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8562A 22GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8562EC 30Hz ~ 13.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8563E 9kHz ~ 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
85645A 300KHz~26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8564E 40GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8565EC 9KHz ~ 50GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8566B 22GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8568B 1.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8590D/91A 1.8GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8591E/EM 1.8GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8592L 22GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8593E 9kHz ~ 22GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8594E/046 2.9GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8595E 9kHz ~ 6.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8596E 12.8GHz Spectrum Analyzer
86100A/C/D Infiniium DCA Oscilloscope Mainframe
86103A 2.8GHz Optical / 20GHz Electric Module
86105B/C 15GHz optical / 20 GHz electrical module
86106A/101/UK6 40GHz Electric 10GBps Optical BW18/40GHZ
86107A ?Precision Timebase Reference Module
86109A/012 30GHz optical / 40GHz Electrical Module
86120C Multi-Wavelength Meter 1270 to 1650nm
86140B Optical Spectrum Analyzer
86142B Optical Spectrum Analyzer
86145A/006 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
86145B/006 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
8640B 1024MHz Signal Generator
8648A/B/C/D Signal Generator
8656A/B 990MHz Signal Generator
8657A/B 1040MHz Signal Generator
8671B/H19 18GHz Synthesized CW Generator
8672S 18GHz Synthesized CW Generator
8673C 18.6GHz Synthesized Signal Generator
8673M 18GHz Synthesized Generator
8703B 20GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer
8711A/B/C/D 300KHz~1.3GHz Network Analyzer
8713B/C 3GHz Network Analyzer
8714ES 300kHz ~ 3GHz Network Analyzer
8720D 50MHz ~ 20GHz Network Analyzer
8720ES 50MHz ~ 20GHz Vector Network Analyzer
8722ES 40GHz Network Analyzer
87405A 3GHz Preamplifier
87405B Preamplifier .01-4GHz
87415A 2-8GHz Remote System Amplifier
8751A 500MHz Network Analyzer
8752A/003 3GHz Network Analyzer
8753A/B/C/D/E 3GHz Network Analyzer
8753ES 3GHz(6GHz) Network Analyzer
8757D+8350B+83590A/002+85027B 20GHz Network Analyzer
8780A 3GHz Vector Signal Generator
8782B Vector Signal Generator
8901B Modulation Analyzer
8902A Measuring Receiver
8903A/B Audio Analyzer
8903E Distortion Analyzer
8904A 600KHz Multifunction Sunthesizer
8920A/B Radio Communication Tester
8922H/P GSM/DCS/PCS MS Test Set
8924E CDMA Mobile Station
89441A Vector Signal Analyzer
8970B Noise Figure Meter
8981A Vector Modulation Analyzer
B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer
CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester
DSA90254A 2.5GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSA90404A 4GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSA90604A 6GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSA91204A 12GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSAX93204A 32GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO1014A 100MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO3102A 100MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope
DSO3104A 150MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO3202A 200MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope
DSO5012A 100MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope
DSO5032A 300MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope
DSO5052A 500MHz 2Ch Oscilloscope
DSO5054A 500MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO6014A 100MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO6034A 300MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO6054A 500MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO6104A 1GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO7034B 350MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO7054B 500MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO7104A 1GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO80204B 2GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO80404B 4GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO80604B 6GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO90254A 2.5GHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
DSO9064A 600MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope
E1852B Blue Tooth Test Set
E3610A DC Power Supply
E3611A DC Power Supply
E3615A/17A 60VA DC Power Supply
E3620A Dual O/P DC Power Supply 0-25V 1A
E3631A Triple-O/P Power Supply
E4210B BSTS HP Broadband test system
E4402B 9kHz ~ 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4403B 3GHz Portable Spectrum Analyzer
E4404B 6.7GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4405B 13.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4406A 7MHz ~ 4GHz Vector Signal Analyzer
E4407B 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4408B 9kHz ~ 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4411A 1.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4412A Power Sensors
E4418B RF Power Meter
E4419B Power Meter
E4428C 250KHz ~ 3GHz Signal Generator
E4431B 250kHz ~ 2GHz Signal Generator
E4432B 3GHz Signal Generator
E4433B 250kHz ~ 4GHz Signal Generator
E4436B 3GHz Digital RF Signal Generator
E4438C (ESG) Vector Signal Generator
E4440A 3Hz ~ 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4445A 3Hz ~ 13.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4448A 3Hz ~ 50GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E5052A 10MHz ~ 7GHz Sig Source Analyzer
E5061A 300kHz ~ 1.5GHz Network Analyzer
E5062A 300kHz ~ 3GHz Network Analyzer
E5071B/C 100kHz ~ 8.5GHz Network Analyzer
E5387A 17CH Differential Probe
E5390A 34Ch Single-ended Probe
E5515C Wireless Communications Test Set
E6000B/003,005+E6008B Singlemode miniOTDR
E6607A EXT Wireless Communications Test Set
E7402A 9KHz ~ 3GHz EMC Spectrum Analyzer
E7405A 26.5 GHz EMC Spectrum Analyzer
E8257C/D 250kHz ~ 20GHz (40GHz) Signal Generator
E8267D 250 kHz ~o 44 GHz (extendable to 500 GHz) PSG Vector Signal Generator
E8663B 100kHz ~ 3.2GHz Analog Signal Generator
ESG-1000A 250kHz ~ 1GHz Signal Generator
MSO6052A 500MHz 2+16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO6054A 500MHz 4+16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO6104A 1GHz 4 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO7034A 350MHz 4 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO7054B 500MHz 4 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO7104A 1GHz 4 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO8064A 600MHz 4 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO8104A 1GHz 4+16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO9104A 1GHz 4 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO9254A 2.5GHz 4 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
MSO9404A 4GHz 4 + 16Ch Oscilloscope
N1996A 100kHz ~ 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
N3300A DC Electronic Load Mainframe 1800W
N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set
N4214A POS-PHY Level 4 (also known as SPI-4.2) Protocol Analysis Tool
N4903A 12.5Gb/s Error Performance Analyzer
N5181A 100kHz ~ 3G/6GHz MXG Analog Signal Gene
N5182A 100kHz ~ 3G/6GHz MXG Analog Signal Gene
N5183A 100kHz ~ 40GHz MXG Analog Signal Gene
N5230A 300kHz ~ 13.5GHz or 20 GHz General Purpose Network Analyzer
N5306A Protocol Analyzer
N6030A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
N6705B DC Power Analyzer Mainframe
N8241A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
N9000A 9kHz ~ 7.5 GHz CXA Signal Analyzer
N9010A 9kHz ~ 3.6GHz EXA Signal Analyzer
N9020A 10Hz ~ 26.5GHz EXA Signal Analyzer
N9030A 3Hz ~ 50GHz EXA Signal Analyzer
N9320B 9kHz ~ 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
U3606A Digital Multimeter 5.5 Digits / DC Power Supply 30V/1A
U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer module
U4421A MIPI D-PHY Protocol Analyzer
U8903A 2-Channels Audio Analyzer

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